Church Council


A distinguishing feature of Lutheran churches is that the church council, not the pastor, has final determination on all aspects of running the church, except of course, the theology.  The council sets and administers the budget, and determines the overall goals and direction of the church.

This responsibility is borne by nine elected church members. The congregation may nominate for election any adult, confirmed church member, and has the power to accept or reject nominees.  Council members are elected to three year terms and may serve a second term if reelected.

The 2018 council is:

David Stevens – President

Meredith Haussler – Vice Presidednt

Lois Romeo – Secretary

Patti Cannaday

Tim Harrison

Doreen Preville

Shelley Lauffer

Greg Shrider

Twilla Zirkle

Pastor Anke Deibler

Pastor Eric Deibler

Rob Lundquist – Appointed Officer, Treasurer


Our Church is part of the local community providing space for a local school, a Cub Scout Troop, a seniors group and community events.
Family & Youth
Calvary's Youth program welcomes children of all ages to participate in age related faith journeys. We have many age groups and functions that express the teachings of Christ.
News & Events
Calvary is an active congregation with many scheduled faith based learning opportunities, community events, and outreach efforts.