Calvary’s Ministries are vibrant and full of interesting members.  We are always looking for new perspectives and ways to carry on our missions of outreach and in reach.  We are also always looking for new ways to share the gifts that God has bestowed upon our congregation.  We continue to grow our list as new opportunities are presented by the Spirit.  Our current ministries include Youth, Christian EducationMusic, Outreach, & Prayer in addition to others.

Our Church is part of the local community providing space for a local school, a Cub Scout Troop, a seniors group and community events.
Family & Youth
Calvary's Youth program welcomes children of all ages to participate in age related faith journeys. We have many age groups and functions that express the teachings of Christ.
News & Events
Calvary is an active congregation with many scheduled faith based learning opportunities, community events, and outreach efforts.