Adult Education


Monday Mornings & Wednesday Evenings

Monday 10:00 – 11:00 AM  &  Wednesday 7:30 – 8:30 PM

What Life Was Like in the Time of Jesus

The things Jesus said and did happened in the context of a certain time and place in history. The more we know about the daily lives of Jesus’ contemporaries, the better we can understand the meaning of Jesus’ parables and miracles. Join us as we learn what it was like to live in the Galilee and Palestine of the first century AD.  This Bible study is led by Pastor Anke.

Wednesday 6:15—7:15 PM

Book of Acts

Studying how the first Christians dealt with the challenge of being the church in changing times will give us guidance for being the church in the 21st century.   This Bible study is be led by Dawn.

WAC Time!
Experience the family ministry that has been adopted by more than 20 denominations and 150 churches!
Our Church is part of the local community providing space for a local school, a Cub Scout Troop, karate classes, a seniors group and community events.
Family & Youth
Calvary's Youth program welcomes children of all ages to participate in age related faith journeys. We have many age groups and functions that express the teachings of Christ.
News & Events
Calvary is an active congregation with many scheduled faith based learning opportunities, community events, and outreach efforts.