Stephen Ministry

Stephen Ministry ( supports the Lutheran belief that we are called to be ministers to one another.  Stephen Ministry is a system for training and organizing lay people to provide one-to-one Christian care for people in crisis in the congregation.  Requests for help are made confidentially to Pastor Anke or Paul R.  They then “match” the individual in need with the minister they feel to be the best suited to the situation and individual.  Confidentiality is maintained on both sides until both parties are in agreement that it is a good fit, and then confidentiality is lifted only to the Stephen Minister and the person in need.  Stephen Ministers receive training to provide the appropriate level of support; classes are given as needed, approximately once a year.  We also invite those who wish to participate in this ministry without undergoing the full training to be on call for situations that don’t require the same degree of training and confidentiality, such as visiting a hospitalized congregational member.

Trained Stephen’s ministers work one-on-one with friends and members of the church as individual caregivers to offer prayer, support, love and nurturing in the name of Christ.  In return, these ministers meet as a small group to grow in their training and share in their work.  We welcome anyone who wants to be part of a nationally known and well-respected program.

Please contact the church office if you want to become a Stephen Minister.  If you know of a person from the congregation or beyond, who could use a Stephen Minister, please contact our Stephen Leaders, Paul R. or Pastor Anke.

Pastor Anke:

Paul R.:

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