Wednesdays at Calvary

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Wednesdays at Calvary or otherwise know as “WAC” combines fun, fellowship, and a focus on Christ for people of all ages (Elementary School through adults). Volunteers give their time to lead, play, teach, nurture and care for the youth who come to WAC.  In WAC, we celebrate positive relationships as modeled by Jesus Christ.

The 2018-2019 WAC program will begin on Wednesday nights September 19th through March 20th.  It wraps religious education with an evening of fun activities. Your kids will be asking you to get them to church on time so they don’t miss out on time with their friends.

Seventh and eighth graders attend confirmation classes, while younger kids participate in Bible study.  Trained teachers incorporate games and activities into their lessons, promoting an accepting environment where kids can ask questions and seek answers.

Throughout the evening, WAC offers our children and youth an engaging and fun place to be where they can belong and be themselves.

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Our Church is part of the local community providing space for a local school, a Cub Scout Troop, karate classes, a seniors group and community events.
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Calvary's Youth program welcomes children of all ages to participate in age related faith journeys. We have many age groups and functions that express the teachings of Christ.
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